Team Vagina Specialties 2012

Description of Vagina Specialties:

These specialty groups will meet together with the cast and at times apart from the cast to work on their specialties. Please check with your specialty team leaders for more information about these specific times and dates. * Anyone can work with a specialty team outside of our large group spaces during times that will be facilitated by Specialty Team Leaders*

Team Vag Pops: This group will work together to make chocolate Vaginas that are then sold at the show. The chocolate vaginas are various colors and sizes. Creativity is welcomed and encouraged.

Team Haiti/Outreach: This group is responsible for raising awareness about the Haitian women and the increased sexualize violence occurring after the 2010 earthquake and the history behind the lack of resources. This group will create resources to inform our campus community, facilitate educational socials and raise money to donate towards the cause. Outreach toward other RSO’s and community organizations is encouraged.

Team Bowker: Conduct interviews with everyone involved in the production. These interviews will be hung in Bowker Auditorium on the nights of the performance; this way our audience members can get to know the women of VDAY UMass 2012. Team Bowker members will also take individual and group photographs with the intention of hanging them in the lobby of Bowker for the performance. Creative artwork as decoration will also be encouraged!